About Greg Fraser

Sales Representative

Here is an interesting story, of an agent that is a llttle bit different.  Prior to real estate I had a career in the IT field for over 15 years, ran my own consulting company and had a side business selling information worldwide from my website back in 2005-2008 time.  From this background I have been able to offer a little bit more than the typical sole agent in terms of online marketing and property exposure.  Many agents can promise the moon, but at the end of the day whats most important to clients are results and service.  ( see my results page under selling - 90% of all homes I have sold in 2 weeks or less. )  
When I started in real estate: I decided I had saved enough money, and wanted to try a real estate business because I always had a passion for helping people and a love of homes.  I was taking a big risk in leaving a 9-5 career with benefits which paid over $100000 per year.  
I haved learned a great deal in the last seven or so years in the real estate field.  I have learned to be a better listener and completely understand the client and find the best way to help them.  I have learned to always put the clients interests first ahead of my own.  I have also learned that you can not please everyone, and be a good fit for everyone.  Consumers have a choice of hundreds of agents, so how do you pick the right one?  If your like many, you go with the big name teams who have the most signs, thinking that they also have more buyers.  Sometimes this can be true, but often a big name agent will not be able to invest the time or put in the effort to focus on selling your property, espescially if the property is unique, or your selling situation is unique.  For the most part the top agent teams provide cookie cutter selling solutions, and they have many junior people working for them - essentially you are paying for a label. 
I believe in working hard to make my clients lives easier.  I believe in honesty with clients so that they can make decisions that benefit them and do not waste their time.  For example, I always tell my clients who are buying a home, the true market value. I always tell people selling - the market value of their home - Depending on the home.  For example, Cookie cutter homes in cookie cutter neighborhoods are much easier to estimate value.  Whereas unique homes may have an estimated value range.