Why sell with me? 

I am a listing agent, focused on selling properties since I started seven years ago.  

I don't just put up a sign to sell your property.  I do almost all the marketing that other agents do, and then 2X - its my guarantee.  
Century 21 is known for having almost the strongest presence in marketing and exposing homes to international buyers.  However, most homes in my experience
are not sold to international buyers whom are currently overseas.  Most Homes are sold to local buyers, even luxury homes.  Think about it, who is going to spend over a million dollars on a home without stepping inside it.  Most of this advertising to the international community is to get future buyers for that agent and brokerage - a gimmick really.  Current buyers for local homes, are almost always already here and shopping with an agent, or are already looking on the primary website juggernaut known as MLS or realtor.ca.  

The MLS provides information on how many consumers click onto your properties MLS listing within realtor.ca.  This data is provided by the Canadian Real Estate Associations data distribution facility.  In addition to putting in the time and effort to sell your property, I also can provide anywhere from 2X to 10X MLS exposure for your property through paid advertising to targetted campaigns to perceived buyer groups for your home ( Age, location, income, parameters ).  

Many agents promise to "syndicate your listing".  Basically this means to send it to 50-200 different free websites.  Although this looks nice and like a big deal on paper, basically its equivalent to your listing being a needle in the haystack or even spam.  For example, most real buyers are not looking for a home on Kijiji or at a flea market.  This is not the same as targetted and paid for advertising to place your property in front of the right buyers. 

Often I am doing traditional marketing as well, which involves talking to local agents, talking to your neighbours, advertising to your neighbours - not just online but also local flyers such as a coming soon flyer, or recently listed neighborhood postcard.  

RESULTS:  In addition to reviewing my testimonials by selecting the testimonial page here are some of my past sales.  For me, its about the quality, not the quantity